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Teen Driving Articles, News & Resources

Alive at 25 has created this section with teen driving articles, news and resources to help parents and teens become more aware of the importance of teen safe driving.

  • Colorado 2009 Driving Law - Studies show that the use of cell phones while driving is as dangerous as driving after consuming four alcoholic beverages.
  • Colorado DUI Laws - Drunk driving caused 173 deaths in Colorado in 2008, a 5.9% change in alcohol impaired fatalities from 2007.
  • Teen Driving Statistics - 4,544 teens ages 16 - 19 were killed due to injuries caused in car crashes and 400,000 teens ages 16 - 19 required emergency hospital treatment for nonfatal injuries sustained in driving accidents in 2005.
  • Texting While Driving - 37% of people ages 19 - 33 text while driving and 80% of all crashes occur due to distracted drivers. Texting while driving is quickly becoming a major concern among all drivers not just our teenage drivers.