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About the Colorado Alive at 25 program

The Colorado Alive at 25 program is managed through a joint partnership between the National Safety Council, the Colorado State Patrol and the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation. In 2006, over 9,000 young people attended the Alive at 25 course in Colorado.

Our palate of defensive driving courses is managed by a Program Manager and a staff of three program assistants, all of whom are employees of the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.

The primary purpose and mission of the CSPFF has been to support the surviving family members of fallen Colorado State Patrol Troopers. The CSPFF Board of Trustees broadened its mission and purpose to include the management of numerous safe-diving efforts and to promote public awareness of the needless tragedies that plague young drivers and passengers.

The Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation (CSPFF) has accepted the responsibility of expanding Alive at 25 on a national scale, and is currently supporting the emergence of Alive at 25 programs in several states. We are pleased to collaborate with law enforcement agencies who have dedicated themselves to reducing automobile crashes involving young drivers and passengers.