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Upcoming courses in Colorado

New prices will be going into effect July 1, 2023. Please note that if you enroll prior to July 1 but change classes on or after July 1, the new price will apply and you will need to pay the difference.

ZOOM VIRTUAL CLASSES: These courses will be offered as a remote option and will be done using Zoom. Students taking this class must have a computer with BOTH Audio and Video Capabilities. A $5 fee will be added to all Zoom classes.

Students enrolling in a virtual Alive at 25 course are agreeing to the following:

  1. Students MUST provide a reliable email address as this is how meeting links will be sent out
  2. Students MUST provide a valid mailing address as course material will be mailed out to each student.
  3. Students MUST have a reliable internet connection. If students lose their internet connection, for more than 5 minutes, they will be REQUIRED to take the class over.
  4. Students enrolling in a virtual Alive at 25 class understand their course completion certificates will be mailed to them within 5 business days following the completion of their course. Do NOT enroll into a class that is within 2 Weeks of your court date, as the certificate of completion will not be delivered in time.

Classes occurring within 2 weeks require immediate payment with credit card in order to enroll. These are marked with an '*'.

Classes outside of 2 weeks have the option to be paid with money order or credit card, as long as the payment is received within 7 days of enrolling in the course.

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